In recent years, GRUPORAGA has performed numerous environmental and civil engineering works.

Some of the most notable environmental works include the execution of various phases of both the Valdebebas Forest Park and Madrid Río, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe in recent years.

Other prominent civil engineering works include the irrigation of the Arabayona (Salamanca) and Páramo Bajo (León) counties, the adaptation of street pavements in the largest district in Toledo, the sealing of the Nueva Rendija landfill in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), the construction of a clean point in El Álamo (Madrid), the development of sports courts in Binéfar (Huesca) and the Project Urban works in its second phase in San Antón neighborhood in Cuenca.

Green Areas La Atalayuela, Vallecas

Green Areas La Atalayuela, Vallecas

GRUPORAGA has executed the works of the Green Areas in La Atalayuela, highlighting a new system of Sustainable Drainage without connection to municipal sanitation.

Madrid Río

Madrid Río

GRUPORAGA participated in the execution of three phases of a large urban development project, Madrid Río, which has recently changed the Madrid landscape and increased leisure options and amenities for its citizens.

Obras Parque del Agua, Zaragoza

Zaragoza Water Park

GRUPORAGA carried out the works at the Water Park as part of the various actions encompassed in ExpoZGZ2008.

Parque Galicia, Alcobendas

Galicia Park, Alcobendas

The works executed by GRUPORAGA included the completion of a large area of themed games, "El Hormiguero".

Project Urban in San Anton, Cuenca

Urban project in Cuenca

Execution of works of the second phase in the neighborhood of San Anton in Cuenca.

Puesta en riego Arabayona

Arabayona irrigation

More than 3,300 hectares outfitted with irrigation infrastructure as a result of this project.

Sellado vertedero Nueva Rendija (Madrid)

Nueva Rendija sealed landfill

The environmental restoration of landfills is another activity carried on by GRUPORAGA.