Integrated policy

THE INTEGRATED QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL RISK PREVENTION POLICY AT GRUPORAGA focuses its activity on providing all manner of environmental services to public and private entities, contributing to environmental conservation and improvement. The commitment of GRUPORAGA, S.A. management includes ensuring quality in the provision of services without creating risks to the health of its employees and third parties.

GRUPORAGA management has established the following commitments in its quality, environmental and occupational risk prevention policy:

• Provide a service whose quality/price ratio meets the expectations of our customers without compromising health and safety and environmental issues due to economic or productivity considerations.

• Meet legal requirements and other requirements subscribed by the organisation relating to quality assurance, occupational risk prevention and the prevention of environmental issues at the organisation.

• Seek ongoing improvement of the integrated management system, improving the effectiveness of quality management, improving workplace health and safety performance and improving environmental management.

• Prevent environmental pollution and damage to and deterioration of workers' health as may result from our activities and plan, schedule and assess them in detail.

• Cooperate with our suppliers, contractors and subcontractors so we can provide a service that meets the agreed-on prevention, quality and environmental requirements.

• Maintain ongoing contact with our customers, working together on improving the provision of our services.

• Motivate, instruct and involve all employees in the management and improvement of the integrated management system implemented by GRUPORAGA.

The responsibility for establishing an adequate integrated quality, environmental and occupational risk prevention policy that drives us to achieve the goals we have set falls to management, but the effort, professionalism and enthusiasm for meeting these objectives belong to all the company's employees.