Serving society with useful products under fair conditions

Our products and services are aimed at protecting the environment and subjected to quality control at all stages of the process.

GRUPORAGA is aware of the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and is committed to providing the resources necessary to ensure that the services provided follow quality standards suitable to the service it performs. Accordingly, it performs all activities in accordance with its quality management system.

Having a quality system provides the following benefits:

• Improved performance of the company's work and productivity.

• Achieving and maintaining the quality of services to meet the requirements and implicit needs of users and customers.

• It controls at all times the suitability of the work performed through controls by an independent department within the company and removed from the service.

• Remain apprised of the level of satisfaction of the customer/user as to the services rendered and being able to act accordingly, improving continuously.

In the conduct of our activities no intermediaries are involved that may increase the price of our products and/or services without providing some sort of value.

Every year, customer satisfaction measurements outperform the prior year. This measurement was initiated to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of our products and services.

The satisfaction of our customers is measured annually. Higher standards have been set and a product is approved once it earns 15 out of 18 points. All the surveys are for approved products.

Quality management at GRUPORAGA is framed and certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

The products and services of GRUPORAGA relate mainly to gardening. Plant protection products must be labelled and identified with the information necessary for proper maintenance and viability.

The relationship with the customer respects the limits of privacy, and no claims have arising in this connection. Likewise, no sanctions or penalties relating to the provision or use of the organisation's products and services have been levied.

Creating wealth in the most efficient way possible

In addition to profit, GRUPORAGA seeks growth in key values, such as intellectual capital, market position, innovation and diversification. Profitability is a necessary condition for the survival of the company, but is not an end in itself.

Respecting human rights with decent working conditions that promote workplace health and safety and the personal and professional development of employees

Good working conditions are essential to achieving quality products and processes and the related competitiveness. The basic view toward the common good requires organising work so that people can improve and develop personally and professionally through their work at the company.

Occupational risk prevention is another objective that is integrated in quality and environmental management and, generally, in the overall management of the company to ensure that our operators work with the appropriate resources and the procedures to safeguard their safety and health.

This commitment is materialised through the tools developed within the prevention management system, led by management and communicated to all people who form part of the organisation, and is manifested in a preventive culture characteristic of our working procedures.

GRUPORAGA cooperates with NGOs working to prevent child exploitation and currently has three children sponsored with the Intervida Foundation.

Strictly complying with laws, regulations, standards and customs, respecting legitimate contracts and the commitments acquired.

Legislation, which is usually a specification of ethical standards promulgated by legitimate authority, provides the framework in which civilised and humane economic relations are developed. This company also observes local business principles and customs, as is essential for integration.

These efforts, included under a single integrated management system, are based on compliance with legal requirements and other requirements subscribed by the organisation, in addition to those contained in UNE-EN ISO 9001 (in which quality management requirements are specified) Certificate No. 31456-2008, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Certificate No. 31457-2008 and EMAS (for environmental requirements in service management) and OHSAS 18001 Certificate No. 31752-2008 (for occupational risk prevention management).

To ensure compliance, the company has implemented a procedure to identify applicable legal requirements and assess compliance therewith. To this end, it has an external service to remain abreast of applicable law.

Currently, GRUPORAGA meets all requirements applicable to its activities, international standards and other standards to which the company adheres voluntarily.

Ensuring sustainability of the company and, if possible, achieving reasonable growth.

GRUPORAGA continues to generate wealth with useful products and services, maintaining and creating jobs without losing its competitive edge. The company is subject to a process of ongoing change, generating new activities when existing activities fall into decline as a result of various factors.

In this connection, the company has opened new lines of business and production processes, such as interior cleaning (2007), waste management (2006), water management (2009) and energy services (2014), and continues research into new business niches.

Respecting the environment. Avoiding as much as possible any pollution. Minimising the generation of waste. Rationalising use of natural and energy resources.

An environmental management system is part of the company's general system management that includes a set of organisational responsibilities, procedures, processes and the resources needed to implement and meet its environmental policy.

The main objective of GRUPORAGA is that the environmental management system serve to continually improve the company's environmental performance and reduce the impact relating to its activity.

At GRUPORAGA less harmful products are used and potential environmental impacts are identified and assessed, establishing preventive and corrective measures to eliminate or minimise these impacts when they are negative.

GRUPORAGA's obtained a Resolution of Registration in the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) on 16 February 2009 issued by the Department of Environment in Madrid with the scope of Madrid, and was assigned number ES-MD- 000255 in such register.

The Validated Environmental Statement can be viewed on the company's website.

GRUPORAGA currently has in place an environmental management system certified in accordance with international standard ISO 14001 and EMAS.

We also work to reduce the environmental impact that our packaged product marketing activity may cause. We adhere to ECOEMBES (a company managing the integrated container management system (SIG)) to ensure effective management of the packaging of the products we market. Accordingly, we participate in a management system aimed at achieving the objectives of recycling and recovery set forth in the Packaging and Packaging Waste Law, helping to finance management costs.

Currently, the packaging of our Garden Centre bear the green dot indicating our participation in the SIG.

We participate in disseminating values committed to the environment, and to this end we train students from schools in Boadilla del Monte, where we are currently managing the green point. Training consists of teaching children to separate waste and deposit it in appropriate containers for proper management.

FSC-certified paper is used at the company - eco-efficient paper from forests whose production is intended for the manufacture of paper.

Ensuring equitable distribution of the wealth generated

The company's remuneration policy enables an equitable distribution in the allocation of added economic value to those who help create it in their activity.