GRUPORAGA, does not perform activities that entail financial implications or other risks and opportunities due to climate change.

GRUPORAGA suppliers are selected by the local technicians of each regional office to perform each specific work (work or service); since not all purchases are made from the central offices in Madrid, relationships with local suppliers are fostered in the places where they operate.

GRUPORAGA is committed to improving the environment in which it operates and, accordingly, a number of improvements in the immediate environment are developed in each contract.


An environmental management system is part of the company's general system management that includes a set of organisational responsibilities, procedures, processes and the resources needed to implement and meet its environmental policy.

The main objective of GRUPORAGA is that the environmental management system serve to continually improve the company's environmental performance and reduce the impact relating to its activities.

Environmental management at GRUPORAGA is framed and certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

GRUPORAGA's obtained a Resolution of Registration in the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) on 16 February 2009 issued by the Department of Environment of Madrid.

GRUPORAGA identified and evaluated all activities relating to the potential environmental impact that may result from its operations.

FSC-certified paper is used at the company - eco-efficient paper from forests whose production is intended for the manufacture of paper.

Having energy efficient lighting installed saves more electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition, fluorescents are suitable for these applications since they will be placed in areas where they are turned on for a considerable number of hours.

Types of lighting at GRUPORAGA:

• 18 W fluorescent        

• 36 W fluorescent

• 35 W halogen

Savings are also made by following action guidelines from good environmental practices handbooks, such as turning off the light and heating/cooling when rooms are empty (mealtimes, etc.) and turning off machines/vehicles when they will be stopped for more than 5 minutes without being used.


GRUPORAGA believes its best asset is the human resources that are capable of creating value for customers.

Selection based on the search for professionals who have technical expertise and personal skills in line with the responsible culture of the organisation and its goals enables the company to form working groups to conduct their work while meeting internal quality standards and following the values and commitments made by the organisation.

These skills are also developed through initial and ongoing training.

The company is committed to internal promotion, stable employment and equal opportunities between men and women.

Formal internal communication is regular, transparent and facilitates the transmission of the company's values both inside and outside the organisation.

Although the main channel for internal communication is informal, due to the easy access to management team, GRUPORAGA is working on new communication channels that are becoming necessary given the time of expansion and growth in number of employees, activities and workplaces. Thus, corporate website has been designed to access to all issues relating to the management of personnel, training, prevention, environment, quality, social responsibility, economic performance and other important information for the branding identification of the worker with the Organization.

In 2013 the project got developed a new internal information tool: a corporate intranet. There are published the news of interest to the company, internal procedures, and the documents that are relevant to the preparation of bids. This tool provides security for the information that is handled, and also immediacy and agility.