Directors' letter

GRUPORAGA maintains diversification as a tool for the sustainability of the company and we are committed to the development of our professionals, encouraging them to adapt to changes in structure, strategy and markets in which the organization currently operates.

It is time to optimize resources to the maximum in business management, both human and material, without forgetting that we must maintain quality standards that identify the us as a competitive, modern and innovative company.

We are continuosly making efforts to get an efficient management in our business, driving ambitious projects to improve the environment and quality of life of citizens.

GRUPORAGA is in a position to maintain its current staff, struggling in the efficient management of all processes.

In the last two years, an increase in the activity results in a better behavior of the company in all areas: more budget, treasury, possibility of financing, contracts and increased consumptions. In this sense, GRUPORAGA presents EFFICIENCY as a way of management to be translated in all areas, from human resources to the materials and resources consumption efficiency.

In 2014 GRUPORAGA, S.A. implemented a management system for energy efficiency incluiding training activities for all the staff of GRUPORAGA as a first step towards the implementation of efficient culture that aims at optimizing resources and reducing energy consumption in business management.

This report sets out the actions and projects in which GRUPORAGA participates setting the company as an organization committed  with its employees, customers, society and environment.