GRUPORAGA currently provides water purification services through the management and maintenance of the Arroyo Quiñones waste water treatment plant in Madrid.

In the recent past it has even managed one of the largest water treatment plants in Spain, the Madrid Sur WWTP.

Within its expansion policy, GRUPORAGA, S.A. has entered into agreements with leading water treatment companies at different stages in the cycle (potable water treatment plants, WWTPs, service management for citizens, etc.).

Embalse de Picadas

Water supply in Toledo

GRUPORAGA manages the drinking water system called "Picadas-Almoguera" serving Toledo and other municipalities in the province

E.D.A.R. Arroyo Quiñones

Arroyo Quiñones WWTP management

GRUPORAGA participates in the management of this new WWTP in Madrid.

E.D.A.R. Madrid Sur

Sur de Madrid WWTP management

The management of one of the largest waste water treatment plants in Spain was entrusted to GRUPORAGA.

E.D.A.R. La Poveda

Management of multiple WWTPs

Canal de Isabel II entrusted to GRUPORAGA management of the group of Alcalá Este water treatment plants.